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Thank you Army. Thank you Nike.

Feels like it was yesterday, however, it was May 14, 2014 when I shipped off for Basic Training. I thought I was already 'tough' and mentally ready but man was I wrong. Boot camp, formally known as, Basic Combat Training (BCT) evolved me as much as an individual as an athlete. From 3:00 wake up calls to 22:00 bed time, A LOT of my mental tenacity is directly credited to BCT.

When presented with the opportunity to continue competing at the highest level and have the opportunity to represent the same country that offered me an education, it was all of my dreams coming true. 4 1/2 years later, the Army taught me so much more than just being physically and mentally tough. From patriotism and self sacrifice, I learned the ability of seeing my brothers and those around me succeed was just as important. The WCAP group has become successful because we don't let each other fail. One's performance is as valuable as our own.

I'd personally like to thank the WCAP Director, Mr. Willie Wilson, for always giving me the support I needed, my 1SG Jennifer Williams, she always believed in me and acted like my parent at all times and is such a great leader. I'd also like to thank Colonel Sean Ryan, you have always been so supportive and there for me as another valued opinion and mentor.

With that said, my contract with the ARMY had recently expired and I was presented an opportunity to train and compete full-time with no outside obligations other than bringing a Gold Medal back to the United States while continuing to train under Scott Simmons at the American Distance Project (ADP). This past week at the USATF 5K Championships, I was elated to run through the streets of New York City to claim my first road title and doing such in my new uniform - branded by NIKE.

NIKE, thank you so much for seeing my value and my vision to be in this for the long run. Your support for me and Track and Field means so much and I look forward to making you happy. Having the opportunity to run in the brand that I competed in long before this opportunity is surreal and I'm so excited to bring all of you the new Nike AirChelimo. Ok, I'm totally kidding but I'll keep trying to do big things and see where I end up.

Additionally, I am proud to announce that I am now also supported by Xendurance Sports Nutrition, a formula that has done wonders for me from training to recovery. On top of that, competing clean is important to me and my legacy; and Xendurance is WADA and USADA certified. There are many products I recommend but I'll leave ya with one - Extreme Endurance.

Additionally, if you want to know what I brought to the starting line with me last weekend at the 2018 USATF Abbott Dash 5K Championships...

- A desire to not lose

- Nike Zoom Streaks

- Custom bracelets by ArtiKen

- Fueled by Xendurance

Final 100 meters at the 2018 USATF 5K Championships with my teammate Shadrack Kipchirchir.

THANK YOU and see you at the starting line!

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Gonzalo Dávila
Gonzalo Dávila
Jul 14, 2022

Felicitaciones por tus logros hermano! Saludos camarada del ARMY!!!


Michael McEvoy
Michael McEvoy
Nov 26, 2018

digging the site, keep us updated bro! you're a living legend as real as they come

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